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Legal & Business Experience

Legal Experience

As Jurist, Attorney, Mediator and Arbitrator, Judge Haddad has presided over thousands of cases with verdicts ranging from as much as $81 million to “not guilty”. These included cases such as:

      • Spinal Paraplegia/quadriplegia Injury cases;
      • Falls from Height;
      • Mesothelioma/Asbestos;
      • Mass Torts, Hearing Loss, Leg loss;
      • Product Liability — Equipment and product defects;
      • Injuries to Factory Workers, Construction Workers, Bricklayers, Day Laborers;
      • Malpractice claims against Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Podiatrist, psychotherapists.  and Chiropractors for injuries ranging from surgeries, birth defects, failure to diagnose, sexual assault & exploitation;
      • Professional Malpractice – Attorneys, Brokers;
      • Insurance Coverage of Loss – Section 155 Bad Faith Claims;
      • Mass Tort – Product Defect Claims and Flood Damage Claims;
      • Truth In Lending (TILA), Lemon Law (Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act); Unlawful Termination – Teacher, Human Resource, Employee Theft;
      • Contract & Conversion; Rape, Assault and Battery Lawsuits.


Business Experience

As a businessman, Judge Haddad has run a wide array of small businesses, and he became President of United States Mutual Association, an employment screening service for premier retailers, banks and hotels throughout the United States. He orchestrated and negotiated the multimillion sale of USMA in 2000 for 26 times earnings.